Dear Employers, Here’s why we need unlimited Work From Home in Bangalore…

Bangalore sure is the home to a plethora of MNCs and startups. But the work ethic varies from company to company. Few companies give their employees full flexibility to work timings while few prefer their employees to follow a fixed 9-hours-in-office schedule.

Although my employer turns out to be a member of the latter club, I have been fortunate enough to be in the projects with pretty understanding managers who do allow work from home and flexible timings in case of emergencies and unavoidable circumstances.

But to be honest, I would prefer to work from home over working in office pretty much everyday. So I took the effort to make a list of reasons why especially we, who stay in Bangalore, deserve unlimited Work from Home option absolutely.

  • Because Bangalore’s traffic totally sucks pexels-photoIf you stay in this city or have ever been to this city, then you absolutely understand what I am talking of. Everybody would agree unanimously on how being stuck in the horrible traffic is a daily pain in the neck for us. You can never estimate the correct time of travel within this city, because you never know what you are gonna face unless you go out of the door and meet the road. If you are not lucky enough to stay near your office, then daily home-office & office-home commute will take up most of your non-office hours in the day. So yeah, no wonder we would definitely prefer to work from home rather face the horrible traffic.
  • Because it would make our daily schedule less hectic. Reaching to office on time is a daily worry for us. Coming back home on time is also a daily worry for us. Working from home would eliminate the stress of tick-tocking deadline of reaching the office at a certain time and allow us to start our mornings and end our nights in the pace we want.
  • Because we would not mind working in a comfortable space.person-woman-apple-hotelI am not a work-at-desk kind of person at all. I love to be able to stretch my legs or sit cross-legged or lie back with the laptop perched on the knees, while working. Working from home allows me to do all that. I can sit or lie down anywhere I find comfortable. I usually start in the bed and end up moving to the floor, then the couch and again back to the bed. Can I do that in the office? Absolutely not. Get what I’m sayin’ ?
  • Because it would save us lot of time. Let’s be honest. Getting ready for office is surely a process. Especially we ladies do put a lot of thought in what to wear the next day and do put lot of effort in being presentable. Plus if you are someone who likes a healthy start to the day, then you would surely want to have a exercise routine or a reading routine or a skincare routine or want to cook your own meals – all in the morning of course. But if you are one of the late risers, then you would want to catch few more hours of sleep instead. I, on the other hand, would want to do both every day – wake up little late and then follow a healthy morning routine. But the reason I can’t, is because I am always busy getting ready for office as quickly as possible, since I need to count the time lost being stuck in the traffic as well. So, isn’t it absolutely obvious that if we could avoid the whole process of getting ready and being stuck in the traffic every day, it would, no doubt, free up so many extra hours.
  • Because 15-min power naps would be far effective than 15-min cafeteria breaks.pexels-photo-269141I don’t think I need to explain this point any further. Wouldn’t you rather lie down on the bed/couch for few minutes or do some stretching to recharge yourself or have a coffee break in your balcony instead of going to the cafeteria in the office for a break ? I usually put on the music and dance crazy for 15 mins or watch few good videos on youtube to refresh my mind.
  • Because it would help a lot in improving our health. Without having to stay on the road for hours, we would not be exposed to long periods of sun and pollution. Also as we already are aware, sitting in a chair or driving for long periods of time causes various kinds of back pains and other issues. As I have already pointed out, working in our comfort zone will allow us to stretch our body whenever we want to, without worrying about people noticing and judging.
  • Because it would increase our productivity. With more time, less stress, more comfort, better work-life balance, no wonder we will be in a better state of mind to deal with the project deadlines and any problem that comes up along the way. That will, in result, actually increase our productivity and benefit our employers a lot.
  • Because it might actually solve Bangalore’s traffic problem. I have friends who prefer to work in the office instead of home. Plus there are some times specific dependencies which require us to work in the office. So for such scenarios, if a chunk of the population is already working from home, then it will reduce the traffic on the road and it will be easier for others to commute within the city.

So guys, what are your thoughts on this ??

Do you agree or disagree ?

Let me know in the comments. 🙂



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