How to get rid of earaches caused due to cold…

We often tend to suffer from cold and flu due to seasonal changes. Running nose, continuous sneezing, headaches, sore throat, etc. are not something anybody likes. No wonder, suffering from cold sucks big time.

But I am one of those kind, who are little extra susceptible to cold. So I try to avoid cold temperatures as much I can. Apart from the normal symptoms of cold , I also have a tendency to have ear infections due to cold. Along with the pain, my ear infections causes pus to ooze out, which means I can’t really sleep on the side of my infected ear. Then there’s the feeling of heaviness in that ear as well. In a nutshell, I would prefer running nose over a running ear any time.

Luckily, my ear starts signalling me about the oncoming infection with brief pulses of pain. This is Stage-1. If any of you guys out there have similar problem like mine, then this is the stage where you need to exercise caution to stop it from progressing.

Here are few things I absolutely swear by in this situation :

  • Use a Nasal drops/sprays – Few years back, when I asked my doctor for tips to avoid ear infections, he told me “take care of your nose and it will be fine”. I was little confused by that as I was expecting answers like ‘use ear muffs when you go out in cold’ or ‘keep your head covered all the time’, etc. But then he did prescribe me a nasal drop as one of the treatments for the infection and it did work. So it all made sense. Since then, every time, my ear starts to pain, I make sure to use Nasal drops at least twice a day (frequency varies on the intensity and frequency of my earache). If you are wondering which one, then I just use a over-the-counter product called Otrivin.
  • Inhale Steam – For best results, it is important that you inhale steam just after you have used the nasal drops. But if you are using the drops only twice a day, then also try to inhale steam without drops as well. I would recommend 3-4 times a day at least, especially if you have a continuous earache.

There ! Doing just these 2 extremely simple things (apart from staying away from anything cold of course) regularly will rid you of the earache.

(People do suggest having a hot beverages during that time, but for some strange reason, it just worsens my pain. So I did not include it as one of the tips here).

Take Care ! 🙂



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