#MyMusic : 5 Songs I have been addicted to this week

So I am one of those people, who listens to a new song (..and provided it is good), keep it playing on loop continuously till I fall out of love with it and then move to a new one. Sometime I do come back to the old ones & repeat the whole process with them as well. So count on me to have a different(yet short) playlist of exhausted songs every week. My playlist for this week comprises of mostly new releases. Check it out below :

  • Stay Together by Noah Cyrus487eb07eb77ea728b235458e34ca1c37.640x640x1 The younger Cyrus sister’s first ever single ‘Make me (cry)’ was quite good and she definitely left an impression. I am glad this second single lives up to my expectation. I am no musician to comment on the technicalities, but I would tell you how it makes me feel. This song makes me think of the late night hangouts with friends and just living in that moment.
  • Malibu by Miley Cyrus7c3a539d5e76ac03e3195941b5a65d6d07e85777Miley’s latest track is quite different from what she has been churning out for past few years and to be honest, I find it a refreshing change. Listening to this easy-breezy song makes me think of sea beaches, long drives, sunshines and of course (being the romantic I am), love. I think I played it continuously for 2 days straight !! Dear me ! 😀
  • ‘Kibou No Uta’ from ‘Shokugeki no Souma’kibou-no-uta My lil brother is a die-hard anime fan and keeps introducing me to new anime movies and series frequently. When I went home for vacation 2 weeks back, he made me watch a culinary anime series called ‘Shokugeki no Souma’ (‘Food Wars’ being the English title). The song ‘Kibou No Uta’ is the opening track for Season 1 and in spite of I not understanding the lyrics, the music just stuck in my head. Ultimately I tracked down the song and downloaded it and it’s been on my playlist since then.
  • Stay by Zedd, Alessia Cara84fe08d1abc1845813ed2ff38ea8e7e0.1000x1000x1Zedd’s songs are usually catchy and addictive. This one is no different. An upbeat song which you automatically sway to. Definitely the song for my let’s-be-active , need-to-be-wide-awake, i-am-too-bored-so-let’s-dance-crazy moods this week.
  • No Promises by Cheat Codes ft. Demi Lovato76b217eb5fb5d9205e17843cb81f30d8.1000x1000x1The video for this song was released recently and thanks to my Youtube suggestions, I discovered it within 22 hours of release. I have always loved Demi Lovato. But this song introduced me to Cheat Codes. Pretty good music and pretty relatable lyrics too (well some part at least). Now that I have already exhausted ‘Stay’ by Zedd, Alessia Cara, this is my current song on loop, and I am pretty sure it will stay on loop one more day as well.

So there it is ! #MyWeeklyPlaylist

Comment below and let me know what’s yours ?

I am always looking out for new music suggestions.


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