3 Habits I look forward to let go in a month..

If you’re anything like me, then you probably go to bed every night, telling yourself how you are going to have a super-productive day the next day and do all kind of things you have always planned or wanted to do, without an iota of tardiness. But instead, you end up hitting the snooze button of your alarm the next morning, which ultimately messes up your whole day’s perfect plan.

But being the optimist I am, I still go to bed every night feeling as hopeful as the night before. This has been the story of my life for quite a while now. But since of late, I have decide to put my foot down and change things around. They say the first thing you should do to be serious about anything you are trying to let go of or aim for, is to note it down. So here I am noting down the first few (very common habits I really want to let go of, as soon as possible.

  1. Snoozing that alarm to oversleep : This definitely has the highest priority on my list. No matter whenever I go to bed the night before, I always end up oversleeping. I have had my days of straight 14 hours sleep as well. Plus, like I already said waking up late is what messes up my whole day plan in the first place. So if I discard this habit, then consider 60% of the difficulty level is conquered.
  2. Being a lazy bum and not doing any kind of exercise : I am a big advocate of ‘exercise to stay fit and not just to lose weight’. Although, the truth be told, i wouldn’t really mind losing a few kilos and inches. But my sorry ass, somehow, never wants to go out of the door and burn those fats.
  3. Skipping my breakfast: Most of the time I wake up late and I don’t have time to have breakfast before rushing to the office. Luckily my office cafeteria provides me with plenty of breakfast options, but by the time I have it, it’s almost lunchtime. But that all said, I am not really one of the those girls who enjoy cooking. So even if I manage wake up early, I still wait till I come to the office to have my breakfast. Staying hours with empty stomach, after waking up, is definitely not a healthy start to the day.

Now that I have noted it down, I definitely think I should probably try the #30DaysChallenge for this. May be that will keep me on my toes. So I better cross my fingers and see how it goes !

What habits would you want to take up for the #30DaysChallenge ?

Comment below & let me know 🙂



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