Confessions of a failed blogger..

Although the title says ‘blogger’,I don’t think I can technically call myself one. I still don’t have a successful blog up and running. What I DO have, are several failed attempts at trying to start one.

It’s kind of funny, because I have always wanted to blog and I don’t really suck in writing as well. However the story of my unsuccessful attempts stays the same every time, which goes like this :

Step 1 : Have a sudden bout of inspiration for an idea to start a blog.

Step 2 : Mentally visualise the idea materialise as a successful blog and daydream about it.

Step 3 : Get even more inspired from all that day-dreaming.

Step 4 : Start racking up my brain for that oh-so-perfect blog name.

Step 5 : After hours and hours of thinking, finally decide upon a name.

Step 6 : Open up my WordPress dashboard and click on ‘Create a blog’ .

Step 7 : Try to put my desired blog name as the blog URL in the Create Blog form.

Step 8 : WordPress informs me about the unavailability of the blog URL as it is already taken.

Step 9 : I get disappointed.

Step 10 : Repeat Step 3 – 7 till WordPress accepts one of my desired names.

Step 11 : Once the blog is finally registered and created, search for the perfect theme.

Step 12 : Spend hours trying to customise themes and finally decide on one.

Step 13 : Once decided on the look of the blog, click on ‘Add post’.

Step 14 : Stare on the ‘Add Post’ page, while trying to decide on what to write about.

Step 15 : Few minutes of thinking, and then I start to realise how boring my life is and how no one would want to read about my mundane life and how my blog would ultimately be a flop.

Step 16 : I get depressed and lose all my interest in starting a blog.

Step 17 : Close WordPress and browse other websites for life inspiration.

Alas! That’s how I turn into a failed and uninspired blogger every time. This blog is my yet another attempt to do what I will always have wanted to do. So what best way to start the journey other than face my inner demon.

So.. Here it is. My first blog post for ‘Land of Blues’.

Do look forward to more 🙂


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